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Types of Bottles Every Chemical Lab Must Have

Bottles with white liquid

Whether you’re an at-home enthusiast, or you’re a teacher or administrator running a science department, your science lab will only be as good as its equipment. If you’re going to be able to execute a wide range of experiments, you’ll need a wide range of materials to match. From the kinds of burners your using, to the droppers, beakers, and chemicals, if you’re short of just one crucial piece of equipment, your lab will be unable to live up to the tasks required of it. Nowhere is this clearer than in the types of bottles you keep in your lab. The next time you place an order with chemical suppliers, here are a few things to consider.

Storage Bottles

You won’t be able to accomplish much in your lab unless you have enough resources for storing all your chemicals onsite. Before you get started, you’ll need to consider how big your classroom is, and the variety of experiments you wish to conduct. If you’re operating from home, you may not require much in the way of storage. If, however, you’re running a classroom, not only will you need to hold a larger volume of chemicals, but you’ll need the capacity to store different kinds of chemicals as well. Having several bottles of varying sizes can accommodate both the most-used types of chemicals, as well as those that you’ll use less frequently. You’ll also need to take the material of each bottle into consideration to make sure they don’t react negatively to their contents.

Wash Bottles

Your lab will require all the appropriate wash bottles before you can conduct any experiments. A home lab may need only the one or two corresponding wash bottles that you think you’ll need, while a school lab will likely require much more. Keeping several bottles on hand at all times will ensure a safe and efficient working environment. Specifically designed and labelled for their appropriate contents, wash bottles can administer distilled water, acetone, bleach, ethanol, and isopropanol at the spot and moment those chemicals are needed.

Lab glassware bottles


Some chemicals aren’t required in large doses. If you’re attempting to pour a drop or two of a chemical into a beaker, you don’t want to do so from a standard sized bottle. This is where droppers come in handy. Since they take up so little room, there’s no reason not to have several droppers around. Available in clear and amber coloration, and in several sizes, they simplify the process of making chemical readily available to several students at once, expediting each lesson. They’re particularly useful when measurements don’t have to be exact.

When placing your next order for scientific chemical supplies, make sure you have all the bottles you need for a fully functioning lab and classroom environment. That might also include such unique bottles as sprayers (which are particularly useful for cleaning your work environment) as well as those made specifically for weighing. Your need for some of the more unique types of bottles will all depend on the kind of lab you wish to create. If you have any questions — or are unsure what to order — don’t hesitate to contact Hi Valley Chemical today!