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Tips to Build Efficient Science Laboratory in Schools


There are a few things in school that compare with a science lab. A well-designed lab adequately stocked with school laboratory supplies can provide just the learning environment to allow students to explore science safely. Best of all, it can open the doors of science to students and help them understand difficult concepts in a way reading about those concepts can never accomplish. Here are the essentials that make a good lab.


A school science lab has to be located in a space that gets adequate natural light. Natural light is key to many different science experiments and can help achieve more accurate results than using artificial lights. The location should also be central to most school traffic. Additionally, a school lab should have outside access directly not only for quick evacuation should there be a chemical or fire hazard, but also to allow first responders instant access.

Safety Focused

Young scientists will handle a number of chemicals and substances that can be deadly or at least make people very sick if the environment is not tightly controlled. That means it has to be well ventilated with constant flow of fresh air. It also means that safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers are located near school lab supplies and exits are clearly marked.

Well Equipped

A superb school lab will have enough school laboratory equipment and supplies to allow every student the opportunity to complete a laboratory assignment. That means it will also have excess supplies for breakable objects or equipment and substances that routinely will get used up. If the school’s science personnel is savvy, they can probably work out an agreement with the school laboratory suppliers to get equipment repaired or maintained in a timely manner and sufficient supplies so that they never run out.



Much like location, the layout of a school lab can ensure the safety of participants. Making sure exits are clearly marked and unobstructed as well as easy to get to is key. So is making sure that safety equipment is easily accessible as teenagers frequently will choose expediency over safety. A lab with good flow will reduce and even eliminate the possibility that chemicals will be spilled because of obstruction or tight spaces. It also will allow for moving experiments without running the risk of a spill or fall.

When it comes to learning about science, a school lab is a powerful learning environment. It must have adequate school laboratory supplies, be focused on safety, and have a good layout to be effective.

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