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The Necessity of Gloves in Chemical Experiments


Whether you’re a chemistry student working with your school laboratory equipment or a scientist, you understand the proper steps of testing a hypothesis. After forming a theory, it’s time to test it. Various experiments will help you to determine whether or not your original formulation was correct. In many cases, you’ll test and retest many different hypotheses before finally coming to a valid conclusion. In order to achieve exact and reliable results, the proper steps must be taken to safeguard your experiment. This includes understanding when is and isn’t an appropriate time to wear protective gear.

The Importance of Gloves

When working with chemicals, it’s crucial that gloves are always worn. While it may not seem important, these gloves can prevent disaster from occurring. The chemicals you’re working with could prove harmful if they come in contact with skin. Even if the substance seems relatively harmless, there’s no telling how your body will react. Prevent any issues from occurring by consistently wearing gloves each time you perform an experiment or work with chemicals.

Some prefer to wear one-time use gloves. These are beneficial as they’re easy to put on, easy to remove, and easy to throw away. However, others prefer the durability of gloves that can be reused. In the end, there’s no right or wrong glove to wear when working with chemicals. As long as you’re protecting yourself and your hands, it’s all a matter of preference.

Caring for Gloves

Heavy-duty gloves, while not disposable, still require attention. After each use, inspect the glove for any holes, breaks, or tears. If the glove appears to be intact, clean it according the manufacturer’s recommendations. It’s also smart to wash your gloves after extended use.

Your gloves shouldn’t be cross-contaminated. If your gloves have been exposed to dangerous elements, throw them away and put a new pair on before working with a different chemical. Not only does this protect the reliability of the experiment, but it prevents any unwanted reactions from occurring.

When to Remove the Gloves

As important as it is to wear gloves while working with chemicals, it’s equally as important to understand when to remove them. When you’re hard at work, it’s difficult to remember to take the gloves off when performing certain tasks. However, touching phones, equipment, hair, or even your face while wearing gloves could lead to contamination. Always remove your gloves before touching anything that isn’t related to your experiment. It’s also vital that gloves are only removed and cleaned within your laboratory as it prevents outside contamination.

To remove your gloves, grasp the cuff at the back of the wristband. Peel the glove off of your hand. If done properly, your glove will be inside out. You should never touch the outside of the glove with your hand. Once removed, wash your hands thoroughly.

Because protective equipment is so important when dealing with chemicals and conducting experiments, it’s imperative that you always have enough on hand. Whether you’re looking to replenish your school chemical supply of disposable gloves or you’re looking for a pair of sturdy gloves that can be reused, make sure that you have plenty in stock before beginning your project. Contact the team at Hi Valley Chemical today for more information!