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Reagent Grade Chemicals: Things to Know

In the fields of biology and biotechnology, chemicals are constantly used to create and analyze. Depending on the project or job, different types of chemicals are needed in order to achieve the desired result. Reagent grade chemicals, for example, are often used in commercial or laboratory preparations. Understanding more about this classification of chemical is crucial to ensuring that the desired process is completed properly.

A reagent is a chemical ingredient that’s specifically added to a compound in an effort to create a reaction or a transformation. It’s important that the reagent is stable, dependable, and consistently made to be high quality.

A reagent grade is a classification used to describe specific chemical substances that meet the highest of purity standards. Typically, these chemicals must be pure enough to ensure the reliability of testing and analysis. These purity standards are set forth by the American Chemical Society as well as ASTM International.

An excellent example of a reagent grade chemical is water that has low sodium, chloride, silica, and bacteria, but also has high electrical resistivity. This reagent grade water makes it easy to physically test or gauge specific chemical reactions. Other chemicals that are less pure but still useful may be given a lesser classification grade. Technical, practical, and crude are other classifications often used to describe the quality and purity of specific compounds.

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