MEK-1000 ML

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Safety Labeled: Methyl-Ethyl Ketone
Capacity (mL/oz) 1000/32
Opening: Wide Mouth
Bottle Color: Natural
Lid Color: Green
Bottle Material Type: LDPE
Lid Material Type: PP

The 1000 mL Wash Bottle labeled Methyl-Ethyl Ketone (MEK) includes Department of Transportation (DOT) and National fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and symbols, Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number, protective equipment symbols and target organ information. The bottles have a safety venting system which consists of a valve specifically designed to allow volatile solvent vapors to escape, but seals completely when in use to dispense a powerful spatter-free jet of solvent. The bottles have easy-to-read printing. They are translucent and LDPE solvent-resistant. The lids are made of polypropylene. The wash bottles are for dispensing use only, not recommended for storage.

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