Erlenmeyer Flask

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The Erlenmeyer Flask meets the ASTM E-1404 Type I Specifications for classification, design, capacity/dimensions, and markings. Features a heavy-duty rim to reduce chipping, white permanent graduations, and a large marking square. Made from high-quality borosilicate tubing with a low coefficient of expansion. Borosilicate tubing also provides uniform wall thickness resulting in the optimum balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. 
Accuracy: ±5% of full capacity.

Opening: Narrow Mouth
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Rubber Stopper: 11
Capacity: 5000 mL
Graduation Range: 1500 – 5000 mL
Graduation Interval: 500 mL

Click the link below for the correct rubber stopper.

Solid – #11 Rubber Stopper

1-Hole – #11 Rubber Stopper

2-Hole – #11 Rubber Stopper 

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Weight 2.8 lbs


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