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Filter paper, quantitative, ashless, is used for quantitative and gravimetric analysis. Also used for environmental monitoring.

Diameter: 70 mm

Grade: No. 5A 
Weight (g/m²): 97
Thickness (mm): 0.22
Flow Time1 (sec): 60
Absorption Speed2 (cm): 9.5
Wet Strength3 (cm H2O): 14.3
Retention Characteristic (µm): 7 Coarse and Gelatinous
Collection Efficiency (%, 0.3 µm DOP): 75

  • Highest Quality Alpha Cotton Cellulose
  • Ash Content: 0.1%
  • Acid Washed: Double acid washed in hydrochloric acid, then hydrofluoric acid, then rinsed with ultrapure water to neutralize

Fast flow rate, retains coarse particulates and gelatinous precipitates (<10 µm). Filter hydroxides and metallic aerosols, environmental monitoring, determine silica content in steel.

  1. Flow time is the time in seconds required to filter 100 mL of distilled water at 20°C under pressure supplied by a 10 cm water column through a 10 cmsection of paper.
  2. Absorption speed is the distance in cm that water will travel in an upright strip of paper in ten (10) minutes at 20°C.
  3. Wet strength is the height in cm of a water column that will rupture a 10 cmsection of paper.



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