Boston Round

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Capacity: 1 oz
Shape: Boston Round
Color: Natural
Material Type: LDPE
Closure: Yorker Lid with Red Tip

Boston round plastic bottle ideal for repackaging liquid. Economical, impact resistant and provides a good moisture barrier. LDPE plastic bottles are primarily used as squeeze or dropper bottles because they can be squeezed without creasing and will return to their original shape. Yorker lid with red sealer tip made from LDPE plastic is ideal for dispensing liquid in a controlled fashion by squeezing attached bottle.

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is very similar to HDPE in composition, but it is less rigid and is generally less chemically resistant. LDPE is more translucent and flexible than HDPE. LDPE is ideal for use with products requiring flexible and squeezable packaging such as sunscreen, hair products, and adhesives.

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