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Important Accessories Every Lab Must Have

Quality control worker analyzing machine part in laboratory.

Laboratories are hubs for scientific testing and research, but there are many materials and substances that are dangerous for humans to handle on their own.  Fortunately, there are many accessories available at laboratory supplies companies that keep you safe. Here is a list of accessories you’ll need when working in a lab.

Lab Coats, Safety Goggles, Gloves

The humble lab coat has been a staple in labs for decades, and for good reason. The knee length, long sleeve coats, commonly made of cotton, polyester, or other natural, absorbent materials, are an essential accessory. They provide protection from hazardous materials, like liquids and chemicals, from contacting your skin and clothing. An equally important accessory is safety goggles. They keep vapors, particles, glass, and other materials or objects from getting into your eyes and the skin around your eyes. A third defense against hazardous materials is disposable gloves, which protect your hands from materials that could cause irritation or more severe damage. These accessories are available at any laboratory supplies store.

First Aid and Spill Control Kits

Every lab should have several first aid kits stored in areas that are easy to find and reach throughout the facility. First aid kits allow staff to treat non-serious injuries. Items should include bandages, plasters of different sizes and shapes, scissors, sterile eye pads, wound dressings, safety pins, antiseptic wipes, and ointment. First aid kits should be checked frequently by a manager. If any supplies need to be replaced, they can be purchased from a nearby laboratory supply stores. To find a nearby lab supply stores, simply go online and type “laboratory supplies near me” into the search bar at the top, and you should see several results pop up immediately.

Another vital accessory for labs are spill control kits. No matter how careful the staff is, accidents still happen from time to time. In a laboratory, however, spills and similar incidents can threaten the safety of everyone present. Spill kits come with several chemical neutralizers that render acids and bases harmless so you can clean them up quickly and safely. Kits also come with safety goggles and disposable gloves so your body stays protected while cleaning up.

Racks, Cupboards, Hoods

Racks provided much needed storage for containers and tools used in the lab. You’ll want a storage rack that provides compact storage that combines maximum space and ease of access. There are a large variety of racks available from laboratory supplies distributors, which are useful in a lab environment. Foam racks are ideal for storing glass vials and tubes, while metal and plastic racks offer a sturdier solution for heavier items.

Serious medical student analyzing sample through microscope

Fume cupboards and hoods protect lab workers by providing a safe place to vent gases, dust, vapors, fumes, splashing, flames, and any other chemicals and substances that are toxic to humans. Hoods enclosed on three sides, and a fourth side has a sash, made of see-through plastic or glass, that allows access to the chemicals inside. Cupboards have a glass window with a small opening so lab workers can carry out dangerous experiments without being harmed.

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