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In the fields of biology and biotechnology, chemicals are constantly used to create and analyze. Depending on the project or
If you’re operating a school laboratory, you know how important it is that you have all of your equipment operating
Whether you’re an at-home enthusiast, or you’re a teacher or administrator running a science department, your science lab will only
Laboratories are hubs for scientific testing and research, but there are many materials and substances that are dangerous for humans
Chemistry labs have predominantly used glass beakers in the past. Today, plastic beakers have become much more popular because they’ve
One of the most vital pieces of any lab is the microscope. Most labs have multiple types of microscopes, but
  The laboratory coat is an underrated, unsung hero for anyone who works in a laboratory environment. It is almost
  If you work in a lab, chances are you will be using chemicals. Unfortunately, accidents caused by the improper
  Laboratories around the world use glass in nearly all of their equipment as well as for storage and testing.
  Supplying your educational lab is one of the most important things that you can do. To ensure that you