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Benefits of Buying Plastic Beakers for Your Lab

Plastic beakers

Chemistry labs have predominantly used glass beakers in the past. Today, plastic beakers have become much more popular because they’ve easier to clean and they stand up to more chemicals than before. Today’s plastic beakers are made with better plastic than ever before.

There will always be glass beakers. Glass has its uses, but that shouldn’t stop chemistry labs from using other products that may work just as well or, in some circumstances, better. Change doesn’t have to be bad.

Easy Use

A big part of any chemistry lab is cleaning up. If you have the proper equipment for cleaning a lot of glass beakers at once, you can make this part of the job much less time-consuming. The issue is that many labs don’t have the right washing equipment.

Plastic beakers can be washed like glass beakers. They can also be disposed of more easily. Having more options is convenient when it comes to dirty chemistry beakers. Depending on the circumstance, you may find it much more prudent to simply discard a plastic beaker, especially when you don’t have time to clean up or when you have an accident.

Mistakes happen in the chemistry lab. It’s unavoidable. When an accident happens, it could be something as simple as knocking over a beaker. Other times, such as when a dangerous chemical reaction occurs, it can be much more serious. Keeping your lab clean is extremely important to the overall lab safety.

Holding beaker

Better Plastic

Plastic beakers have developed a lot over the years. Some plastic beakers are as clear as glass and can be autoclaved just the same. Plastic beakers also are cheaper than many glass beakers. You can see this when shopping for chemical supplies online. Chemical supply companies don’t have to spend as much money to manufacture plastic.

Considering that chemical suppliers regularly carry similar inventory, you could probably see the low cost for yourself by shopping locally. You can search online for a “chemistry supplies store near me” to find a location near you. When you do, you will find a chemical supplies store that can demonstrate how cheap plastic beakers can be.

That said, depending on where your lab is based, a search may not yield many results. Online suppliers should have an accessible inventory. Typically, an online store will have a lower price for a similar object. You might even be able to order wholesale from the manufacturer. Whatever you decide, you should find that plastic beakers are much better quality than what previously had been offered.

Secure Measuring

Plastic has a clear advantage over glass in that it is flexible. Plastic can be bent and manipulated. This may not seem like an immediate benefit, but flexibility in any kind of lab is advantageous. It lets lab technicians manipulate their tools to complete their work.

After accurately measuring the chemical in the plastic beaker, you can squeeze the beaker to form an oval. This shape is more advantageous to pouring than a flat circle, even with the typical lip seen on glass beakers. Additionally, plastic’s flexibility makes it easier to maintain a grip. If you do drop a plastic beaker, at least it won’t shatter and spill the chemical.

Glassware doesn’t have to be the predominant material for beakers. Plastic beakers are used more in labs today. They’re easier to clean., they’ve become more accurate than they used to be, and they can hold some chemicals that even glass can’t hold. It’s this versatility that has made plastic beakers popular with labs in recent years. To learn more about plastic beakers and to purchase them, visit Hi Valley Chemical online.