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5 Chemical Supplies Every Educational Lab Must Have


Supplying your educational lab is one of the most important things that you can do. To ensure that you are giving your students the best materials to use while they work on experiments and learn is an essential way to help them learn in a hands-on manner. While there are many laboratory supplies distributors available, it’s important to find ones that deliver quality goods to your laboratory.

If you aren’t sure exactly what your education lab needs, check out these five must-haves before you begin placing your order.

Buffer Solutions

Buffer solutions are necessary for chemistry labs, because they’re the base for many experiments you will be doing with your students. These solutions are great, because they resist changes in pH when acids and alkalis are added to them.

High Purity Solvents

Distilled and high purity solvents are another chemical that you’ll need for your educational lab. They’re great for many different experiments, and they help you teach your students. When purchases high purity solvents, it’s important to know how the supply distributor has prepared them. Make sure you do your research to find the best high purity solvents available for your lab.

Hot Plates

Experiments that involve heat either need alcohol burners or hot plates. These essential tools are staples in nearly every laboratory and in all educational labs. If you currently have hot plates in your lab, be sure to inspect them regularly to ensure that they’re up to safety regulations. If you have some hot plates that aren’t up to state and local standards, replace them as needed. This will help you make sure that your hot plates are safe for you and your students to use during experiments.


Your educational lab most likely already has a supply of glassware to help you conduct your experiments. This glassware can include beakers, droppers, bottles, vials, and much more. Just like with the hot plates, be sure to inspect your glassware regularly to ensure that it is not weakening and that it doesn’t have cracks or breaks. If you need to purchase more glassware for your educational lab, Hi Valley Chemical offers a line of quality glassware products for any lab and any experiment.

Safety Supplies

As you know, all labs need high-quality safety equipment to ensure that, should an experiment go wrong, those involved in the lab accident are protected. This safety equipment can include goggles, gloves, and protective garments. Additionally, should an experiment go wrong, you should have safety supplies to help those in your lab apply first aid. When taking inventory of your laboratory, be sure to inspect your safety equipment. If any of your safety equipment is outdated or needs to be restocked, be sure to order more immediately in order to keep up with safety regulations in your area.

When it comes to stocking the inventory of your educational lab, there are a lot of things that you will need. For all of your laboratory needs, make sure you contact Hi Valley Chemicals to get high-quality equipment and chemicals for your lab.