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Chemicals, Laboratory Supply and Chemical Manufacturing Services

Chemical Manufacturing, Chemicals, and Laboratory Supply

Hi Valley Chemical specializes in Chemicals, laboratory supplies, and chemical manufacturing services.  We have chemicals of all grades and types.  From our industrial technical grade to laboratory reagents, or food grade products, we have what you need.  If you are mixing and using chemicals you will need laboratory supplies.  Our full range of laboratory glassware, plasticware or laboratory equipment will help you get obtain the results you need and within budget.

Chemical Manufacturing

If you need chemical blending or manufacturing services of your products and ideas then search no more.  We can formulate, blend, and bottle your private labeling products.  We specialize in small business chemical needs which will allow you to develop your business and not stress about the manufacturing; no matter your product or idea we can help.

   Hi Valley also specializes in chemical blending and manufacturing your private formulas and labels no matter how large or small.

A Laboratory Supplies Store Near Me

Depending on where you live, you may not have any laboratory supply stores in your area. If you do, it’s highly unlikely they’d be able to match our supplies or capabilities. With Hi Valley Chemical, however, you can do all your shopping online. We offer all sorts of supplies and chemicals and can perform any services that require chemical blending or manufacturing. Whether you wish to manufacture a product based on your own formulations, or you need supplies for educational purposes, we’re the laboratory supply company you can count on.

A Chemical Supplies Store Near Me

The only chemical manufacturer you’ll ever need for your business or lab is just a few clicks away. With our vast collection of chemical products, you’ll never have to search for chemical suppliers “near me” again. As the finest chemical supply company in the business, we offer reagent and technical grade chemicals for sale that can also be blended or manufactured in our own high purity laboratory. Whether you need food grade, technical, or industrial chemicals for educational or business purposes, we’re your best choice among any chemical manufacturing companies you’ll find anywhere. Any questions? Just contact us today!

We Make Purchasing Lab Supplies and Lab Chemicals Easy

Chemical Supplies, Lab Supplies, and Lab Chemicals to Businesses, Educators and Hobbyists.

We know it’s expensive to run a lab, whether you’re in business or education. We pride ourselves on keeping our prices for chemical supplies low so you can optimize your expenses. Not only are we your friendliest source for laboratory supplies, but we are committed to answering all of your lab supplies questions. Please contact us if you have any questions – we’re happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Double check the prices on every order to avoid confusion or unexpected charges.


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